I’m tired of photos and tasting notes. I too tried it and lost interest quickly. Keep up what you’re doing instead.
I most certainly will! 


Multiple Birds with One… Tumblr Post

I’ve received a few of the same type of question over the past day or so, so I’ll set the record straight with one shot.

If you followed this blog thinking it was going to be photos of beer with a set of tasting notes, I’m sorry, but that’s not really what I’m interested in doing. I used to do photos and tasting notes and I grew terribly bored of it. Now I like to play a bit with narrative forms, somehow tying stories about my life or otherwise to beer, because it’s far more interesting to write and - hopefully - more interesting to read. I’d like every post to have a uniqueness to it. It’s more challenging and it gives me a reason to keep writing. 

Also, don’t expect a lot of rare, white whale beers to show up, either. This blog isn’t a virtual trophy room and I’m not going to spend $50 on a beer just so I can put up a photo of it and pound my chest. I drink what’s in my ‘fridge and then I talk about my life a bit. That, in a nutshell, is what this is.

If you want photos and tasting notes, there’s no shortage of that type of content all over the web, not to mention two enormous internet databases dedicated to nothing but beer reviews and grades. You really don’t need me to provide more saturation there. You’d get bored of it just as I did.

So that’s that. The posts on here aren’t as frequent, but I’d like to think that when they do happen, they’re more interesting. Quality, not quantity, I think. Maybe. 


redxteamxleader said: Have you had an opportunity yet to try America's Trappist beer since you are over on the right end of the country?

If you’re referring to Spencer Trappist Ale, yes, I’ve had it. It’s lovely. I can’t remember particular details because I had it a while ago, but I remember enjoying it quite a bit. Clearly well made.

The abbey also makes some outstanding preserves. So their beer and jelly game is clearly on point.

#560: Boat – Carton Brewing Company, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

As I get older and presumably become wiser, my drinking habits change. It’s very rare that I drink a beer above 6.0% ABV, and when I do, I tend to make it last as long as I can. It’s quite common for me to have only two pints over the course of as many hours. Pacing myself, savoring my beer, taking a breath in between sips. They’re all techniques that I’ve learned the hard way. It wasn’t that long ago that I woke up hungover in a New Brunswick house that I had almost certainly never been in before, and not knowing anyone who was asleep around me, but that’s a story for never.

What I’m driving at here is that extending your beer’s stay can be quite interesting and rewarding. Beers change over the course of years, sure, but some change over the course of minutes. So, here’s an example of that. I drank one of my all-time favorite beers, Carton Boat, over the course of an hour. And here’s what I found.

11:00 PM – Started reading the first trade paperback of Stracyznski and Ramita Jr’s run on The Amazing Spiderman. Beer tastes of sharp, prickly tropical fruit.

11:05 PM – Peter Parker gets a weird visit from a guy who has similar powers as he does. Still quite sharp, and now the delightful bitterness is asserting itself. Pineapple. Lots of that.

11:10 PM – Peter’s spideysense goes crazy and he says “Ohjeez–!” Bitteress softens ever so slightly.

11:15 PM – Peter stops by his old school and sees it’s in bad shape. More fruit on the palate now; juicy mandarin oranges come to mind.

11:20 PM – Peter gets attacked by this weird guy named Morlun. Fruit still sharp and prickly, bitterness softens a bit more, palate adjusting.

11:25 PM – Peter gets his ass kicked by Morlun, his friend Ezekiel presumably dies trying to save him. Now the fruit is starting to soften and open up a bit.

11:30 PM – Peter goes home and hangs up his Spiderman costume, trying to figure out a way to beat Morlun. Honeydew melon now.

11:35 PM – He goes to the lab and figures out a way to beat Morlun. Soft, fleshy peaches, bitterness is very, very subtle now.

11:40 PM – Morlun comes after Peter, and this time Peter is ready and beats the crap out of him. More melons, and now the palate is quite adjusted to all the resiny bitterness.

11:45 PM – Peter debates whether to finish Morlun off for good, but Morlun’s assistant betrays him and kills him before Peter can decide. I can’t taste quite as much now. The fruitiness has subsided a bit.

11:50 PM – Peter discovers Ezekiel is still alive and well. Bitterness has now come back around, and I taste more of it than anything else.

11:55 PM – Peter goes home and crashes onto his bed. Last few drops now.

Midnight – Aunt May finds Peter’s Spiderman outfit and discovers his secret. No more beer left in the glass.

So it took a whole 45 minutes before stretching out my drinking began to work against the beer. That’s an eternity. And every five minutes, I noticed something different than when I’d sipped five minutes before. I’m sure each beer is different, but with ones such as this, stretching it out might expose you to flavors you never thought resided within the beer. Interesting.

Also, for the record, this beer is utterly delicious and being forced to sip it every five minutes instead of pouring it all down my throat at once was pure torture.

Still Alive. Been fencing a lot. And winning things.
Will write a proper post soon. It’s been, quite literally, the busiest few months of my life, but I’ve not forgotten that I like to drink beer and then talk about how I drank beer.

Still Alive. Been fencing a lot. And winning things.

Will write a proper post soon. It’s been, quite literally, the busiest few months of my life, but I’ve not forgotten that I like to drink beer and then talk about how I drank beer.

Moon Knight No. 5, by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey.

Moon Knight No. 5, by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey.

A beery heaven indeed. (at The Ginger Man - New York City)

A beery heaven indeed. (at The Ginger Man - New York City)

#559: Super Fuzz – Elysian Brewing Company, Seattle, Washington

It’s as if I can only enjoy a beer around midnight these days. Or close to it. On Wednesdays  (I wear pink), no, on Wednesdays I go to my local, play Tom Waits songs at the open mic and drink Guinness. That happens around midnight.

The other time is after work. I got home around 12:30, looked in the ‘fridge and saw this. I wanted to pick up my guitar as well, but I’ve got an awful bruise on my finger from fencing. Beer and music meet quite often in my life, so damned if tonight were going to be an exception.  Then I got the type of idea I’d get only around midnight: A beer and music pairing.

That’s right, folks.

I suggest you pour this one boldly down the middle, but slowly. Knock out the excess gas while building a sufficient, tight, creamy head. Head to an area where dim lighting is a possibility, then put on “Look on the Bright Side” by Levek. Preferably through real speakers, not crappy laptop ones. Once the beer’s settled, take in the aroma. Pungent orange citrus, tropical fruit. Take your first sip at the 25-second mark, when the song begins to shift. A velvety, juicy texture greets the palate, guiding across resinous hop flavors and lively tropical fruit, with a touch of tartness in the middle, cleaning up nicely en route to a gently bitter finish. Smooth, soft, yet lively and refreshing. Much like this song. Take a while between each sip. Savor it all.

#558: Rebel IPA – Boston Beer Company, Boston, Massachusetts

I left for work around 2:00 PM. Subtle warmth emanated from countless miles away and wound up here, on my street. It was, by the skin of its teeth, just warm enough to remove my cardigan and allow my arms a little exposure to the elements. And it had been an awfully long time since I felt that comfortable.

Then I got in the car. Windows down? Yes.

“Sticky Fingers” rattling my car’s speakers? Yes.

An alarmingly over-sweetened iced coffee in the cup holder? Yes.

When I got home from work it was a notch under 60 degrees. The moon was high, and I could see the blades of grass leaning back and forth under the cool breeze’s command. The cardigan went back on. My pace to the front door was quicker than I thought would be necessary. Get inside, get warm.

Then I grabbed this beer. A beautiful, subtle sparkle of gold. A vibrant, pungent aroma of tropical fruit. A resinous, moreishly bitter flavor, undercut by biscuity sweet malt and prickly citrus. A fine beer indeed.

It’s the taste of warmth when you know it’s cold outside. The promise of something about to arrive. A comforting wink, signifying that things are looking up. Pleasant until the very last drop.

So make it two, please.

Gonna Punch Everything.